May 2012 – Exciting News!

Namaste – greetings from Nepal from RJ Fleming and Ang Kami Sherpa, writing from MatterhornNepal-GuideSource offices in exotic Kathmandu. It is sunny, 28 degrees, with streets full of colourfully dressed Nepalese and visitors from around the world, motorbikes, cows, monkeys, rickshaws and the most intrepid drivers anywhere!

Our trekking groups are enjoying various cultural or mountain routes in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, our climbing teams are summiting Ama Dablam, Labouche East, Mera and others, while trekkers are enjoying approach hikes. It is a wonderful time to climb and trek with MNGS in Asia & Europe,and our EON Charity has exciting news to report!



The first EON child has finished her studies, graduated and is now employed!

Miss Dali Sherpa recently obtained her Nepal SLC educational certificate, and was hired as a school teacher by the Edmund Hillary School in the village of Sano Gumela near Lukla. She is the first orphan child to complete her education, supported by the EON Charity for the past eight years. Due to the quality of her education and dedication to her studies, she has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher. It is also a dream-come-true for MNGS, and all who have contributed to the EON children. We are proud of Dali and happy to be part of the EON mission to help orphaned Nepalese children transform their lives. It is also inspirational for the other EON children who lived and studied alongside Dali and watched their friend leave a life of little hope to become a young adult living a life of personal reward and responsibility. Additionally, Dali chose a path of teaching, a career that will enhance other children’s lives and benefit Nepalese society as a whole. We congratulate Dali, the other EON children who work every day to complete their education, and the EON supporters who made Dali’s education a reality. You helped make this possible.

Next, EON now has a website, online at: The site explains the mission and structure of EON, offers photos of the children, their classes and school, and demonstrates what these children are accomplishing. It provides an easy way to make a contribution, as well as a list of the Patrons and Supporters who are helping EON successfully improve the lives of Nepalese orphans. Finally, it disseminates EON News and offers updates to help expand the knowledge base of the charity’s mission.

So long from Nepal. We look forward to seeing everyone soon again in Europe and Asia!

Best wishes,

The MNGS Staff, the EON Children and EON Supporters