EON Welcomes a New Patron, Mr Gerald Piunti

EON Has a New Patron !

In September of 2012, one of the MNGS organized climbing expeditions was to climb Himlung Peak, a 7126m mountain in Nepal. At that time one of the participants was Mr Gerald Piunti, who at the time learned about the Education for Orphans of Nepal Charity established by MNGS.

During the climb Mr Piunti asked questions about EON, and discussed the charity with MNGS Asian Managing Director and high altitude Himalayan guide Ang Kami Sherpa. After learning about the charity, how it originated and who it benefitted, Mr Piunti showed enthusiasm for becoming part of this worthwhile endeavor to support the education of these orphan children. Piunti4

As a result, Mr Piunti very generously offered to become a Patron of EON, by supporting the charity with monthly contributions on an ongoing basis. Since October of 2012, Mr Piunti has donated funds directly to the charity every month and has indicated he will continue to be a benefactor of the EON children in the future. This is a wonderful commitment on Mr Piunti’s part, and he serves as a true example of how individuals who actively enjoy our natural world and are successful in their life pursuits can be willing to share the benefits of their success with less fortunate individuals. His generous commitment demonstrates an unselfish nature that belies a wonderful spirit of sharing and belief in the necessity of an education for everyone.


Professionally, Mr Piunti holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich, is a Graduate Financial Consultant FH/CFP, and owns an independent consulting firm for corporate clients and wealthy individuals. His group’s six core competencies are advice on company formation, insurance concepts for the real estate industry, specialized solutions for the hotel and catering trade, risk management for the construction industry, bespoke pension solutions, and pension and retirement plans for self-employed and managers.

MNGS, the EON Charity and EON children would like to thank Mr Piunti for his gracious contribution to the lives of the EON children, and belief in the ongoing commitment of all EON supporters. Our children are our most important assets, and when educated they can more easily master their future and contribute positively to society.