August EON News

EON Welcomes a New Patron

Mr Tony Mountford recently asked questions about EON, and discussed the charity with EON President Ang Kami Sherpa. After learning about the charity, how it originated and who it benefitted, Tony Mountford showed enthusiasm for becoming part of this worthwhile endeavor to support the education of these orphan children.Tony_1262

Since August  2013, Mr Tony Mountford has donated funds directly to the  EON charity and has indicated he will continue to be a benefactor of the EON children in the future.

Thank You, Tony!


Greetings to all of our EON Charity Supporters, MNGS clients & friends!

It has been an exceptional summer season in Europe and Asia, for both the EON Charity children and our MNGS outdoor programmes. Here is our updated news for EON….

Kathmandu Hospital Accepts EON Children For Free

In May we met a doctor from the Maldives, Dr Mahir, who was in Kathmandu working on a project at the Kanti Children’s Hospital, the largest such hospital in Nepal. Through Dr Mahir’s kindness and interest, an EON Board member met with the hospital’s Director and Head Administrator, Dr Biccha and Mr Joshi Bishop, respectively. During this meeting the EON Charity was explained, the reason for its creation, the profound lack of resources available to impoverished children in Nepal and the large number of orphans presently needing assistance within the country.

Dr Biccha and Mr Bishop gave the situation their full attention, and were impressed to learn that nearly one million orphans exist in their tiny country, and pleased to hear of the existence of EON and the efforts being made to help as many children as possible. We asked if the Kanti Children’s Hospital could help us assure that the EON children were properly cared for medically, since health care is a major concern and an overwhelming expense for many people. As a result of their generous attitudes and understanding, they agreed to offer medical check-ups, including any follow-up tests indicated, to all of the EON children, completely free of charge. Director Biccha is a paediatrician himself, and offered to check each child personally, enrolling the EON children in his unit as his patients.

Kanti Children’s Hospital Director Dr Biccha & EON Board Chairman RJ Fleming

The Headmaster of the boarding school where the EON children are living/attending has taken the responsibility of coordinating and scheduling each child’s medical check-up at the Kanti hospital. Soon all of them will have had their first-ever medical check and treatment for any conditions they might have, and be part of an ongoing system to help monitor their well being. The EON children, the charity and all of our Supporters are indebted to the kindness and generosity of these medical professionals who understand and empathize with less-fortunate individuals who require their expertise and assistance. Dr Biccha and Mr Bishop serve as exemplary representatives of the medical community who graciously give of their time and talents to treat children who would otherwise never be able to afford quality, preventative care. It is the great fortune of the EON Charity to be blessed with such unselfish Patrons. But, that is not all of the wonderful EON news!

EON Welcomes a New Patron

Recently an EON representative was asked to meet Mr Livio Ambrogio in Bern Switzerland to further explain the mission and work of the charity. Mr Ambrogio first became aware of the existence of EON when he was trekking in Nepal and met our Asian Managing Director, Ang Kami Sherpa.


Mr Ambrogio is the owner and head of one of the largest intermodal transport companies in Europe, Ambrogio SA of Italy, a founding member of the EIA (European Intermodal Association). The company is an environmentally sensitive leader in combined transportation systems, integrating road and rail and related infrastructures. Mr Ambrogio himself worked from the time he was a boy to become an expert in this field, gaining his experience and education in both Europe and the US. He has traveled extensively and developed diverse interests in not just his own profession, but in broad international relations and social responsibilities. As a result of his well-informed appreciation of education, global issues and the related needs, he decided to support the EON Charity with a large donation to help these children reach their educational goals. Mr Ambrogio took his personal life experiences and belief in the value of education and applied it directly to influencing and benefitting children who are less fortunate than most, and his contribution will have a profound impact upon the EON children.

We welcome and thank Dr Biccha, Mr Bishop and Mr Ambrogio for taking a personal decision to become part of the EON family. It inspires us to see such perceptive individuals give their own time, money and dedication to touch the lives of needy children in such an unselfish manner. They serve as a positive example to us all, and help EON take one more step toward responsible sustainability.

Please contact us at any time for updates or with questions about the EON children, the activities of the charity, or how you can contribute to the lives of these children. They are working hard each day to reach their goals, and they represent the best in all of us.