August 13 -2014

Namaste & Greetings from Nepal  Ang Kami Sherpa and RJ Fleming writing from Education For Orphans Of Nepal (EON) office from Kathmandu. Ms Mingma Phuti Sherpa recently obtained her School Level l certificate (SLC) 1st Division.

We congratulate Mingma Phuti Sherpa, the other EON children who work every day to complete their education, and the EON supporters who made Mingma’s education a reality.             You helped make this possible.


Next, EON now has a website, online at: The site explains the mission and structure of EON, offers photos of the children, their classes and school, and demonstrates what these children are accomplishing. It provides an easy way to make a contribution, as well as a list of the Patrons and Supporters who are helping EON successfully improve the lives of Nepalese orphans. Finally, it disseminates EON News and offers updates to help expand the knowledge base of the charity’s mission.

Best wishes,

EON Children and EON Supporters