5th AGM Of Education For Orphans Of Nepal

Chuchepati, Kathmandu, Nepal


The annual general meeting of the members of Education For Orphans  Of  Nepal, EON was held on 11th Chaitra 2071/ 25th March 2015 at organisation office Chuchepati in the presence of our president Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa, agreement to a written document signed by all members.

Agendas: 01.

  1. Distribution of Certificate of appreciation
  2. New  future programs
  3. New members approval etc.

Agenda : 01

After a long discussion between the present members of Education for Orphans Of Nepal (EON), the board decided to distribute Certificate of appreciation to 10 sponsors and also pay our respect to Mr. Roger Fleming by appreciating him with honorary membership who has been supporting the organization for a long period of time.

Agenda: 02

Regarding the second agenda the members decided to provide scholarship to 6 deserving children through extensive research in coming tenure of 2072 (2015). As per the scholarship criteria student will be provided with annual fees, monthly fees, school uniform and stationery (books, note copy, pencils). The names of the selected children are:

1. Poor and disabled children

S.no Name of the student Date of Birth Sex Grade School
1 Dundup Sherpa   Male    
2 Dorje Sherpa   Male    
3 Aaon Sherpa 2064/11/04 Male 1  
4 Dick Tshering Sherpa   Male 4 Chamunda Higher Secondary
5 Sugam Thapa  2062/05/28 Male  5  Nava Kiran Higher Secondary


2.  Orphan children

S.no Name of the student Date of Birth Sex Grade School
1 Riya Manandhar 2059/9/10 Female 5 Annapurna Higher Secondary


As per the agenda 3 listed above, the members after an extensive talk decided to bring in new members to the organization to fulfill its vision.  Among them two of the members are the sponsored students of EON family who have been studying in higher secondary level (Grade 12)

The names of the new members are:

  • Tshering Sherpa
  • Sonam Tshering Sherpa

In addition, Mrs. Ang Yangdi  Sherpa who has been working as a part of EON family will not be able to give her time to the organization due to some household issues. So, from today onwards her place has been provided to the new member Miss Dolma Sherpa who will continue as a general member of EON family.

Beside the above mentioned agenda there were not many issues to discuss so the 5th annual general meeting was adjourned with the permission of the president Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa.