17th June 2019 . General meeting of Education for Orphans of Nepal

17th June 2019 . General meeting of Education for Orphans of Nepal

17th June 2019 General meeting Minute 6/17/2019

The general meeting of Education for Orphans of Nepal was duly called and held on 6/17/2019 at Chuchepati in presence of Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa – President to discuss about various issues related to education for the orphan children in coming tenure and various other organizational issues. The meeting was conducted in presence of members listed below who provided their valuable feedback to make the meeting a successful one.


  1. Mr Ang Kami Sherpa – President
  2. Mr Sonam Tshering Sherpa – Treasurer
  3. Mr Pasang Nuru Sherpa – Secretary
  4. Mrs Kalyani Maharjan – Member
  5. Miss Dolma Sherpa – Member
  6. Mr Dawa Nuru Sherpa – Member
  7. Mr Pemba Tamang – Member
  8. Mr Bhuwan Maharjan – Member


Agenda 1: Admission of new children for coming new tenure

Agenda 2: Propose an appropriate date for Annual General Meeting

Agenda 3: Selection of School for coming tenure

Agenda 4: Other miscellaneous agendas


With long open floor discussion on Agenda 1 and making questions and answer session the meeting came up with a decision. This year EON will be taking 12 students more under its umbrella. Among the 12 students one of the eligible student will be provided with full educational scholarship with the approval from the board members.


Member attendance is very much valuable during all the meetings as it brings more ideas and suggestions .Taking this into consideration and approval from the present members , the annual general meeting is scheduled on 17th August 2019.


After lot of research and discussion, the meeting have selected “Syprus Public High School “located in Sukedhara, Kathmandu for all the 12 students. All the 12 students will be provided with the educational scholarship from EON along with additional transportation facility.


EON have been providing scholarship for many orphans till date. This year one of our student – Riya Manandhar appeared for SEE (Secondary Education Examination) exam which is considered as the crucial Iron Gate exam for higher education. After this phase she will be ready to join college degree education. So board along with the member have decided to think what EON can do in coming future for her educational betterment. Alongside the meeting also decided to change the current address of the organization to Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

With this the meeting ended with a small tea session.