6th AGM Of Education For Orphans Of Nepal

6th AGM Of Education For Orphans Of Nepal

Date: 8th Shrawan 2073

Location: Chuchepati, Kathmandu

Chairperson: Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa, President

Attendees Present of Board Member 

01.Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa, President

02.Miss. Mandira Manandhar, Vice President

03.Mr. Krishna Sunuwar, Secretary

04.Mr. Sonam Tshering Sherpa, Treasurer

05.Mrs. Kalyani Maharjan, Board Member

06.Mrs. Ang Yandi Sherpa, Board Member

07.Mr. Pemba Nuru Tamang Board Member

Attendees Persont of Board Member

01.Mr. Pasang Nuru Sherpa, General Member

02.Mr. Dawa Nuru Sherpa, General Member

03.Mr.Sonam Tshering Sherpa, General Member

04.Miss. Tshering Sherpa, General Member

05.Ang Cheki Sherpa, Guest

06.Nima Cheri Sherpa, Guest

Agendas :

1.Additional new students

2.Donation of new projector for administration use

3.Formation of new board members

4.Distribution of clothes

5.Informal Meeting


Agenda 01.

Agenda 1 was all about addition of new students under EON umbrella and after a long discussion between the board members and present members the board decided to provide scholorship for 11 children for the 2073 tenture. The details about the new students are listed below:

S.no/ Names of Students/ Sex/ Date of Birth /School Grade

01.Furba Doma Sherpa F 2067/11/16- Prithwi Secondary

02.Basanta Rokka M 2066/01/01- Prithwi Secondary

03.Manju Magar F …….- Navajagrti Secondary

04.Dawa Sherpa M 2065/03/05- Shree Gauri

05.Pasang Nima Sherpa M 2067/06/05- Shree Gauri

06.Nima Chiku Sherpa F 2060/10/10- Shree Gauri

07.Nima Temba Sherpa M 2063/09/01-Navajagrti Secondary

08.Tashi Tenji Sherpa M 2066/04/22- Prithwi Secondary

09.Pemba Limbu M 2065/08/23- Shree  Janasewa Lower Secondary School 

10.Tsering BK M 2065/02/20- Shree  Janasewa Lower Secondary School 

11.Sudip BK M 2063/01/10- Shree  Janasewa Lower Secondary School 

Agenda 02.

As per the agenda 2 the boards wants to inform all the attendees that Mr. Nima Galjan Sherpa from Solukhumba, Chaurikheka V.D.C and currently living in kathmandu has provided EON with a projector for the administrative use. For this contribution the whole EON family is very thankful to Mr Nima Galjan Sherpa.

Agenda 03.

According to the the organizational act, the organization has to undergo the formation of new board member in every 2 years. As per the rule, the board committe of year 2071-2072 tenureship has been competed and new tentureship of 2073-2074 has to be formed. To do so there was a long interaction among the attendees and the board members.Finally the decision was undertaken with the change in the post of secretary while the other boards members remained in their respective position for the new tenture.The Scretarial duties performed by Mr. Krishna Sunuwar in previous tentureship will now be carried forward by our new Secretary Mr.Pasang Nuru Sherpa from today onwards.

Agenda 04.

Under agenda 4, the board wants to inform all the attendees that EON had distributed winter clothes for the children of EON family last year (2071-2072). These clothes were donated by one of our donor member and we are very thankul for his immense contribution to our oragnization.

Agenda 05.

Mr. Roger Fleming, Board Chairperson attended the meeting for the first time in EON office. The Board wants to inform all the attendees that EON family is really grateful to Mr. Roger Fleming for making time from his busy schedule for attending our informal meeting and his immense contribution for educating orphan children in Nepal.

Agenda 06.

With a long interactions among the attendees no new suggestions were brought into limelights so the meeting concluded with the anouncement of the next trimester meeting to be held on 8th of kartik this year.

Henriksen Family Becomes EON Patrons

Henriksen Family Becomes EON Patrons

Henriksen Family Becomes EON Patrons

For the past several years, Mikkel and Marie Henriksen and their family members have been Supporters of the EON Charity. As active outdoor enthusiasts, as well as advocates of the benefits and necessity of education, this unique Danish family became interested in the work of the EON Charity.

After offering an annual donation to EON for several years, during their Himalayan climb and trek with MatterhornNepal-GuideSource in May, Mikkel and Marie informed the EON Board that their family decided to become Patrons of the charity. In doing so the Henriksens have now committed to a monthly donation to continually support the EON children and assure the growth of this important outreach. While every single donation, no matter how small, is crucial to the support of these children, patronage such as that of the Henriksen Family allows the charity to expand and add more children to the educational programme. As a result, in 2016 EON will expand to fully support a total of 37 orphan children!

The EON Board members, all of our other EON supporters, and especially the EON children, wish to thank the Henriksen Family (pictured) for their selfless gesture and gracious patronage. With help such as this, along with each individual donation that EON receives, the charity will prosper and grow with more deserving children being added to the EON Family every year.

The Henriksen Family from left to right: Herluf, Iben, Mikkel, Marie, Lisbet, Ole

World Economic Forum in Geneva Receives EON Award

World Economic Forum in Geneva Receives EON Award

In 2010, the World Economic Forum in Cologny/Geneva Switzerland became the first Patron of the Education for Orphans of Nepal charity. Due to the +15 year relationship of MatterhornNepal-GuideSource Treks & Expeditions’ guiding outdoor activities for the Forum, the Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab, expressed interest in supporting the EON Charity’s work. Prof Schwab has been promoting education on a global scale for many years, and has invested a great deal of time, interest and funding toward fostering that commitment. When Prof Schwab learned of the efforts in Nepal by the MNGS co-owners, he became the first Patron of EON as it was established as a legal entity.

Following a unanimous vote by the EON Board of Directors, on September 15th in Geneva Switzerland, The World Economic Forum received the EON Charity’s award entitled the ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for its continued patronage and support. When the charity was formed only seven children were funded, but today, through the support of organisations like the Forum and individuals like Prof Schwab, EON now supports the living and educational expenses of more than 25 Sherpa orphans.


Prof Klaus Schwab Exectuive Chairman,
World Economic Forum – 
Roger Fleming, EON Board Chair.

The EON Charity, Board, supporters and EON children wish to thank Professor Schwab and the Forum, for serving as examples in the business community of commitment to social responsibility.

EON Welcomes Roger Weber, CEO and owner of Weber Office Solution AG as new patron

Roger Weber, CEO and owner of Weber Office Solution AG.


For almost 20 Years, Roger Weber and his company have been importing and selling software for the office furniture and furnishing industry. The company currently employs four people and is located in Gossau, near St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Roger Weber is 44 years old, married and has two children. His free time is spent with his family, on a bicycle or the mountains. After his long-term stay in the USA (Boston), Roger graduated in as a Sales & Marketing Director), and started his own business.

With Matterhorn Treks & Expeditions, he traveled to Nepal in 2013, where he got to know the country and its people. While trekking around Manaslu he saw mountains as high as 8’000 meters in altitude for the first time in his life. He found the experience astonishing and left him with a magical attraction towards these mountains ever since.

During his time in Nepal, Roger Weber got to meet Ang Kami Sherpa and his brother Ang Gara Sherpa.

Each year Weber Office Solution AG donates to a charitable organization as part of a solidarity contribution. In 2014 the company decided to support the EON Charity after Ang Kami Sherpa introduced Roger  to the charity’s activities and values.

With these actions Roger Weber would like to say thank you to the people of Nepal, while providing the opportunity of education to as many orphans as possible.


The EON Charity, Board, supporters and EON children wish to thank you for your great Support.

Latest News

Latest News

Namaste & Greetings from Nepal.  Ang Kami Sherpa and RJ Fleming writing from Education For Orphans Of Nepal (EON) office from Kathmandu.

Ms. Nawang Chottin Sherpa recently passed her School Level  certificate (SLC)  with 1st Division.

We  would like to take this opportunity to congratulate  Nawang Chottin Sherpa , for her remarkable work and the EON supporters who made Nawang Chottin Sherpa’s  education a reality.Other EON children are also working hard every day to complete their education.