Henriksen Family Becomes EON Patrons

For the past several years, Mikkel and Marie Henriksen and their family members have been Supporters of the EON Charity. As active outdoor enthusiasts, as well as advocates of the benefits and necessity of education, this unique Danish family became interested in the work of the EON Charity.

After offering an annual donation to EON for several years, during their Himalayan climb and trek with MatterhornNepal-GuideSource in May, Mikkel and Marie informed the EON Board that their family decided to become Patrons of the charity. In doing so the Henriksens have now committed to a monthly donation to continually support the EON children and assure the growth of this important outreach. While every single donation, no matter how small, is crucial to the support of these children, patronage such as that of the Henriksen Family allows the charity to expand and add more children to the educational programme. As a result, in 2016 EON will expand to fully support a total of 37 orphan children!

The EON Board members, all of our other EON supporters, and especially the EON children, wish to thank the Henriksen Family (pictured) for their selfless gesture and gracious patronage. With help such as this, along with each individual donation that EON receives, the charity will prosper and grow with more deserving children being added to the EON Family every year.

The Henriksen Family from left to right: Herluf, Iben, Mikkel, Marie, Lisbet, Ole