The EON Mission

The mission of the Education for Orphans of Nepal charity is very simple. It is to provide an education, and thereby a better future, for Nepalese Orphans.To this purpose the EON Charity was legally structured and registered to accomplish three things:

  1. To be completely transparent so that anyone can contribute at any level, and be assured that 100% of donated funds go directly to the children.
  2. To be precise in our legal obligations as a charity. EON has its own bank account, a governing Board and two Coordinators, a legal requirement in Nepal.
  3. To guarantee EON remains a self-sustaining charity, so future orphans in need can benefit while those wishing to contribute are assured their donation is neither diluted nor used for any purpose except for the ones listed above.
Presently the expenses for each child amounts to approximately 1275€ per year.According to the age of an orphan when we take responsibility for them, we commit to funding their complete education, whether that takes 12 years or less.

Future Goals of EON

  • To raise the standard of education from a secondary to a higher academic level
  • To investigate different areas of Nepal and support other children who need the opportunity to explore the core values of an education
  • To empower children living in rural areas through a proper education, a better living situation and a higher quality lifestyle
  • To work and coordinate with different schools to expand the vision of EON and its sustainable success

Contact Us

Address : G.P.O. BOX: 2473 Lazimpath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Asia +977 +977 9841386788 Nepal
Europe +41.78.800.1118 Switzerland

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